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The Growing Threat of Superbugs and Viruses

June 26, 2017Health, Humans

Human beings have existed on Earth for nearly 200,000 years, and none of the many pathogens or natural disasters they faced has succeeded in wiping them out. So, worrying about humanity's vulnerability to a strain of bacteria or a...

Sagittarius A

Five of the Strangest Places in the Universe

June 25, 2017Space

The Universe is stranger than anything you might have seen in science fiction. Space is home to many truly fascinating and unimaginable things including the greatest forces of nature in existence and countless billions of new worlds to...

Tiny lasers speed up computers

Tiny Lasers Speed up Computers

June 23, 2017Tech

We all want faster and more powerful computers and devices that consume less and less energy to save battery power. To further increase the speed and performance of computers and devices, new strategies and technologies are required....

James Webb Space Telescope artist

Eye in the Sky – The Next Generation Space Telescope

June 22, 2017Space

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a cutting-edge space observatory that is slated to launch in October 2018.  Designed to be the primary space observatory for the next decade, the JWST is considered to be the successor to the...

Praying Mantis

The Worm That Controls the Praying Mantis

June 22, 2017Nature, Animals

If karma can apply to insects than the special relationship between the praying mantis and the hairworm has to illustrate it better than most. Unfortunately the praying mantis is also a victim of its own success. The prey it eats can...

Mental Disorder

The Top 10 Strangest Mental Disorders

June 20, 2017Health, Humans

The mind is a strange thing. Humans are not even aware of the brain’s full potential, and only use a small portion of their brain cells. The possibilities for intellectual growth seem limitless. On the other end of the spectrum,...

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