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Sagittarius A

Five of the Strangest Places in the Universe

June 25, 2017Space

The Universe is stranger than anything you might have seen in science fiction. Space is home to many truly fascinating and unimaginable things including the greatest forces of nature in existence and countless billions of new worlds to...

James Webb Space Telescope artist

Eye in the Sky – The Next Generation Space Telescope

June 22, 2017Space

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a cutting-edge space observatory that is slated to launch in October 2018.  Designed to be the primary space observatory for the next decade, the JWST is considered to be the successor to the...

Generation space ship

What Does It Take to Get to the Stars?

June 18, 2017Space

Beyond the edges of our solar system are countless trillions of other stars, galaxies, planets and a plethora of other fascinating celestial objects. While NASA and other space agencies and organizations around the world are partly...

The Ninth Planet

Searching for the Ninth Planet

June 15, 2017Space

Pluto, discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930, enjoyed its status as the ninth planet until its redesignation as a dwarf […]...

Maat Mons on Venus

Was Venus Alive?

June 14, 2017Space

As the brightest object in the night sky other than the Moon, Venus has been known since prehistory. It has captured hearts and minds for centuries, with fantasists and even respected astronomers alike hypothesising until as recently...

Universe expanding faster

Universe is Expanding Faster Than Expected

June 13, 2017Space

Astronomers have known for almost a century that the universe is expanding, but data from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope recently revealed that the expansion is happening faster than previously thought....

Warp Drive becomes reality

Will Warp Drive Become a Reality?

June 13, 2017Space

Until recently, scientists assumed that faster-than-light travel was impossible. This was based on the sensible belief that we can travel through space but cannot change the nature of space itself. All of the barriers that Einstein's...